Russian style


The Russian Style Collection represents the best of the works designed by Alexei Vorobyevsky, one of the most gifted men to have worked in Russian porcelain. His favourite themes of winter and spring, his intricate floral ornaments, his fantastic Oriental luxury, show how Vorobyevsky had an innate feeling of the necessary balance and harmony between fine bone china and decor. His decorations always enhance and underscore the airy and fragile  qualities of a porcelain surface. Vorobyevskiy`s work is notable for its use of traditional Russian motifs found in peasant crafts such as lubok (painted woodwork) and in old folklore. This is why his designs have such bright colours and a wide array of images drawn variously from Russian country fairs, feast days, Punch and Judy shows, fairy tales. His images of magical red-gold cockerels and golden horses, old Russian cities and mythological characters, were deliberately looking to illustrate the nature of the Russian soul. It is this love of old Russia which continues to make Vorobyevsky`s designs so popular today.

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